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2023 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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The New Convenience Retailer: The Benefits of 'Going Digital' and Automating Service Without Losing the Human Touch

07 Mar 2023
Business Solutions Stage
Business Solutions Stage
Consumer demand for a seamless digital experience is ushering in a new era in the world of fast-casual restaurants and QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants)— one that values innovation, convenience, and loyalty. Due to the accessibility of smartphone apps and voice-enabled devices, online and curbside shopping has continued to see rapid growth and seems to be overtaking the convenience store model. However, this new period of fully automated technology and operations also has the potential to provide a new kind of grab-and-go experience— spawning more seamless and efficient interactions between customers and employees. Companies are beginning to look beyond traditional channels and leverage robotic, AI-based technology to cater to the next generation of guests. With this ongoing evolution, how can food establishments stay ahead of the pack? Bassem Nowyhed, founder of Invig Consulting, will enlighten audience members on how he’s redefining the C-store standard to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry.
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