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2023 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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How to Use Foresights to Navigate Food & Beverage Trends For 2023 & Beyond: A Future Prepared

06 Mar 2023
How To Theater
How To Theater
Food industry players must understand the issues influencing health, food & beverage trends to successfully navigate them, and uncover white space. Influences including health and consumer forces will be discussed as they pertain to the shaping of marketplace trends and how they impact the creation of new menu items. Historical patterns cannot be relied upon to strategically navigate 2023-24 as those patterns are being upended by novel circumstances. New menu items and messaging should evolve ahead of consumer behavioral changes, so they hit when consumers are their most receptive. Upcoming food and beverage trends will be showcased, along with why they are occurring, where they are coming from, and how long they will last so the audiences can strategically navigate them in the coming year. Foresight allows you to strategically navigate trends to get you to your own best answers more quickly and confidently.
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