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2024 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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Cannabis and Liquor Licenses

March 04, 2024
Education Alley Theater 1680

Join Robert and Max Bookman for an exciting discussion on the latest developments and issues in alcoholic beverage and cannabis licensing in New York.  Robert and Max are partners at Pesetsky & Bookman PC, which for 35 years has represented businesses of all sizes and sophistication before the New York State Liquor Authority, and now the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.  They are also general and legislative counsel to the NYC Hospitality Alliance.  During this 45 minute seminar, they will share their valuable experiences from the front lines.  Topics to include NYSLA's backlog committee, temporary retail permits, outdoor dining, the current state of play at NYSOCM, non-dispensary license categories, and the continued problem of unlicensed activity. 

Robert Bookman, Parnter - Pesetsky & Bookman PC
Max Bookman, Partner - Pesetsky & Bookman PC
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