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2024 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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Culinary Compassion - Turning Human Emotion and Cravings into Impactful Plant-based Innovation and Flavor Design

March 05, 2024
Culinary Innovation Theater

Chef Rosalyn Darling will prepare:

  • Shiitake & Tamari Cacio e Pepe: Bucatini pasta mixed with a creamy Tamari black garlic sauce and finished with roasted Fable shiitake mushrooms. Finished with freshly cracked black pepper and dairy-free parmesan.
  • White Miso Caesar Salad with Crispy Natto: Crisp romaine lettuce and kale tossed in a white miso caesar dressing, crispy fried natto beans, shiso furikake, and shaved parmesan cheese.
  • Shiitake Birria Bao Tacos: Juicy, marinated Fable shiitake mushrooms topped with melty Mexican-style dairy free shreds, daikon escabeche, and cilantro - all in a soft bao bun. Served with a side of Shiitake Birria sauce.
Rosalyn Darling, Founder & Principal Innovation Chef - Darling Culinary, LLC
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