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2024 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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Culinary Demonstration with Natalie Liane Jewell, Executive Chef, BidFoods Spain

March 04, 2024
Culinary Innovation Theater

Learn about the birth and purpose of the Texturas range of Albert & Ferran Adria.  The main objective of these two awarded chefs, Albert & Ferran Adria (El Bulli restaurant) was to open the possibility of different textures in cooking, such as creating foams, clouds, airs, hot gels and much more.  Texturas is a set of products essential for you to be able to incorporate some of our best-known techniques to your kitchen, such as hot gelatins, airs, caviar or spherications.

The products that make up the Sferificación, Gelificación, Emulsificación, Tickeners and Surprises lines are the result of a rigorous process of selection and experimentation. Texturas is a gateway to a world of magical sensations that will no doubt continue to grow, surprising your guests with a Whole new dining experience.

Natalie Jewell, Executive Chef - Bidfood Spain

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