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2024 IRFSNY Education Program & Events

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How Do I Get Everyone to Care as Much as I Do? The Keys to Effective (and Fun!) Leadership

March 05, 2024
Education Alley Theater 1680

Ever felt like leadership is just one long ordeal of chasing your employees down for things? Or have you resigned yourself to being the only one who really cares about stellar results, and thus having a million things on your plate? Maybe you'd be happy with just a little bit more accountability and follow-through from your team.

Today’s workforce requires a new style of leadership in order to create an efficient and effective team that truly cares and works together. This presentation will offer leadership training and development that touches on the keys to success as a restaurant owner/manager!

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify (1) gaps in their leadership skills and how they’re interacting and communicating with their employees, and (2) new methods they can take on to bridge those gaps
  • Ask team members and employees to take on tasks in a way that improves follow-through and productivity, and train other managers to do the same
  • Walk through a proven system to create plans for efficiency and forward progress that motivate everyone to take part in their implementation and see them through to completion
Alison Anne, Leader - Restaurant Revolution
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