Shake it Up! Mixology Demonstration with George Duval and Lisa Lindo



SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2019, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, CENTER STAGE

The importance of serving great cocktails in your restaurant or establishment is imperative! Bars aren’t just great gathering places, they are a driver of high profits if done well. Correctly made, accurately poured and quality ingredient cocktails offer a much greater profit.

Join the duo team behind Open Bar Hospitality! George Duval, Master Mixologist will prepare and demonstrate how to make 3 unique signature cocktails infused with fresh ingredients and small batch organic syrups. Together, they will speak about the bartending, mixology and hospitality industry and on the importance of a great cocktail and beverage program in your restaurant or establishment.  Lisa and George will discuss the quality of ingredients, the trends and changes taking place all over the world in beverages. Don’t miss this fun and dyanmic demonstration that will for sure quench your thirst and leave with you some innovative ideas and recipes!


About George Duval


George Duval, native New Yorker, with a passion for creating one of kind cocktails.   He’s been behind the bar, shaking & mixing cocktails for some of Manhattan’s top restaurant, catering firms and clubs. While working at these restaurants he perfected his bartending skills and developed his own individual style.His first experience was at Negril restaurant in NYC. With in a short time he was bartending. 

While at Cook Shop he developed his wine knowledge, and gained more insight, on the importance of using fresh seasonal ingredients for his cocktails.  He learned all about beers at BLT and at Boom Boom Room inside the Standard hotel while servicing a high-end hipster, celebrity clientele, he gain important insight on the art of mixology.  

His love of being behind the bar, lead him  to create Open Bar Hospitality in 2004 with Lisa Lindo.   George’s insistence on using only fresh ingredients for his cocktails and impeccable customer service quickly propelled the company to the forefront of the bar catering industry.  

Under the Open Bar Hospitality brand, George consults for varies restaurants creating their specialty cocktail menu and training their staff on how to make the libations, along with customer service behind the bar.  George is also working on a line of organic herbs simple syrups, under the Open Bar Hospitality brand and a cocktail book cocktail book coming soon.

George’s cocktails have been featured in: Daily News, Essence Magazine, Telemundo, Fox 5 Good Morning, Chilled Magazine, Rachael Ray, The Gleaner, Jet, Behind the Bar and Cooking in Brooklyn. 


About George Duval
About Lisa Lindo

About Lisa Lindo


Mother, business woman and wife, Lisa has 15 years of experience in the entertainment business.  She graduated from the Fashion Institute of technology.   while attending college, Lisa landed an internship in the artist development department at Uptown Records, an R&B record company in New York City, owned by Andre Harrell.  Lisa moved on to Icon Lifestyle Marketing, an event marketing firm as event manager and overseeing fashion clients . At Icon she planned and produced events for; Usher, Timberland, Bacardi Lemon launch, Levi’s jeans, the launch of Sean John clothing and Sean P. Diddy.  After leaving Icon, she founded Greenlight events, client list included; Tommy Hilfiger, Roca Wear, J.Lo Clothing, MTV, American Idol Ruben Studdard,Mike Tyson, Kmart and Carol’s Daughter.

In 2004 she created Open Bar Hospitality with George Duval. OBH has catered events for, Jet Blue, Ciroc, Grey Goose, Microsoft, Lipton Ice tea, Yale & Virginia club of New York, Facebook, Mary J Blige, Justin Bieber, and Fast Company Magazine. 


Open Bar Hospitality, established in 2004, is one of New York’s premier off-premise bar catering, event planning and staffing firms for private events. In addition to those services, OBH also provides bar consultation and cocktail menu development for restaurants & bars in NYC, and throughout the Caribbean.

With a combined 20 years of experience in the hospitality & entertainment industry Lisa and George Duval created Open Bar Hospitality.  Identifying there was a void in the market place for a company like Open Bar Hospitality, that’s dedicated to the art of mixology/crafted cocktails and quality service.  With her knowledge of event planning and his mixology skills, they knew it would be a perfect mix.  

Open Bar Hospitality enjoys the creative process of working with bars and restaurants, to assist them in creating unique beverage programs tailored for their establishments. OBH has built a reputation for utilizing fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients and blending the finest spirits and liqueur to deliver delicious libations. OBH also works closely with liquor brands to develop recipes and create content that highlights each brands message visually for marketing and social media. Learn more here: