Catering Current Cool Workshop

Catering Current Cool Workshop

Non-Negotiable Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Systems for Profitable Drop-Off Catering
Monday, March 9, 2020, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM, Room 1C03

Drop-Off Catering is the fastest growing segment of the catering industry. For restaurant owners, it’s the “gold mine” in their restaurant just sitting there waiting to be excavated. So why do most fail at making profits in this billion-dollar-a-year revenue stream? Why do they give away their profits? It’s usually because they just don’t have the knowledge. They don’t know how to charge the client, what to charge the client, and how to manage the back-of-house catering operations at their restaurants to make it profitable.     
Join Sandy Korem, catering entrepreneur and coach, in this groundbreaking workshop and start learning the tips, tricks, secrets and systems of a profitable drop-off catering division for your restaurant. 
Attendees will learn:
  • Profits start with the right menu and the right pricing. 
  • Why minimums are a necessary profit making non-negotiable.
  • Why your lack of “rules” for your customers chips away at your profits.
  • Why ignoring your competition puts profits in your bank account.
  • How the initial email or phone communication with a possible client can cost you the job, and you aren’t even aware it’s happening.
  • Where to find drop-off clients.
  • What makes you cutting edge, or as Sandy calls it, catering current cool, and sets you apart from your competition.
About Sandy Korem...

About Sandy Korem...

Sandy Korem is the CEO and founder of The Festive Kitchen, a one-of-a kind catering company based in Dallas, Texas. No other catering company in America has established such a diverse and profitable “take-home catering” division. In 2008, Sandy was awarded the White House Food Service Medallion for outstanding service to President George W. Bush. Her company, The Catering Coach, helps restaurateurs maximize their off-site catering profit potential. Sandy uses her 25 years of catering experience to teach independent restaurant owners and caterers how to NOT give away all of their catering profits. Her teaching focuses on increasing sales and profits with little or no investment and maximizing earning potential by adding multiple catering revenue streams to their existing business. To learn more, visit
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