The Identity of New York Wine in Six Glasses

The Identity of New York Wine in Six Glasses | Wine Workshop

Monday, March 9, 2020, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Room 1A04
New York Wine & Grape Foundation Brand Ambassador, Paul Brady, believes New York State wines are in a place not just to hold their own alongside more established wines, but to star in the show - and he’ll convince you of that in six glasses.
“I truly believe that our climate and soils, along with the expertise with which our vignerons have learned to grow and produce, will play an integral role in shaping wine lists across the state in 2020,” Brady asserts. “The health and wellness movement want lower alcohol content, sommeliers need cost-friendly, versatile wines with availability, and critics are championing both. New York has this in spades, with a quality to cost ratio beyond competitive with any other domestic wine producing state.”
In this seminar, we’ll taste wines to highlight the incredible quality and diversity of wine our state offers, from the resurgence of European-American hybrid grapes to world-renowned Rieslings, and the dominance of New York reds for the first time at the table. And we’ll have a look at select restaurant lists to see who is using New York wines to their full effect, and how your restaurant can do the same.  

Paul Brady, NY Wine & Grape Foundation Brand Ambassador
Isabella Fitzgerald, Beverage Manager, Momofuku Kāwi

Chef Charlie Marshall, The Marshal 

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