How to Pack for an Off-Site Event to Maximize Profits and Protect Your Reputation

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
2018 Agenda - Operational Excellence - Operational Excellence

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Sandy Korem
CEO and Founder, The Catering Coach


One of the biggest fears of off-site catering is packing the wrong things for an event. The truth is if you pack incorrectly, it can cost you significant profits off your bottom line. For most caterers, it takes years of trial and error to figure out exactly what to pack to be prepared... until now, that is. Sandy Korem, owner of The Festive Kitchen, a Dallas-based catering company that has experienced sales growth every year for 26 years, teaches attendees how to prepare for events of all kinds, from in the middle of cow pastures to rooftop venues. She knows what you must pack to be successful every time, and she shares with restaurant owners how to reach their full catering potential. Attend this session to learn:

• What to pack EVERY time for off-site events
• How to follow the trail of packed equipment from start to finish
• How to be prepared for that last minute, less-than-24-hours-away, event
• Who plans the pack

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