Raise the Bar: Through Training & Elevating The Cocktail Experience

Raise the Bar: Through Training & Elevating The Cocktail Experience

Sunday, March 8, 2020, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm, Center Stage
This must-attend seminar will be set up as a discussion with demonstrations from these top experts in the hospitality industry. These experts will lay out three essential components to ensure your establishment is delivering the customer experience necessary to be successful! They will be talking about the importance of implementing a structured training program that will motivate your staff and build their confidence to achieve consistency and consumer spending, elevating guest experiences by making simple changes to your cocktail presentation to build visual value, and adding a culinary element to your cocktail program that allows you to expand on flavor while keeping costs low. As customers’ expectations rise, so should your staff, presentation, and offerings!


Art Sutley, Publisher, Bar Business Magazine
Nightlife & Hospitality Expert 

Art Sutley, Publisher of Bar Business Magazine and Nightlife & Hospitality Expert, has been in the restaurant/bar space for over 19 years. He is the co-creator of Bar Business Magazine, the hospitality industry’s how-to resource, which provides valuable information to the modern-day on-premise owner, manager, and food & beverage director on trends, new products, and growing business and profits. This has led to Art being featured as a hospitality expert in many of the top global media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NRC Handelsblad, Supercall.com, Thrillist, AOL.com, Bonfort’s Wine & Spirits Journal, DrinkMe, Fox News, Fox Business and What’s Eating NYC. Art has also appeared on the Paramount Network’s hit TV Show Bar Rescue as a Recon Expert assisting host and industry expert Jon Taffer.



Mia Mastroianni, Celebrity Mixologist,
Consultant as seen on Bar Rescue

With over 15 years of experience in the service industry from Boston to Miami, Mia Mastroianni became one of the founding bartenders of Soho House West Hollywood – the private members-only club where she remained a well-respected and often requested mixologist for the who's who of Hollywood until 2016. Known for her tall figure and sassy fun attitude, “Tall Mia” has also opened Soho House locations in Miami Beach, FL and in Toronto, Canada - training their respective bar staffs on giving the highest quality of service, implementing proper technique, and executing incredible cocktails.  Her expertise led her to be cast as an expert mixologist on highly rated TV show "Bar Rescue".  Working directly with host Jon Taffer, she has assisted in the rescuing of numerous bars across America, from Philadelphia , PA to Norwalk, CA. Mia stays current with industry and consumer trends by attending and speaking at various seminars and conferences, and continues her education in the spirits industry by traveling both locally and internationally to various distilleries. Mia’s also been a bar consultant on various feature films and regularly consults on new bar programs. 


Phil Wills, Owner/Partner, 
The Spirits In Motion©

Consultant as seen on Bar Rescue 

Has been in the bar/restaurant business for over 20 years. He is the current owner/partner of The Spirits in Motion, a nationally recognized bar and beverage consultancy. He has worked in all types of locations from your corporate restaurants, small local bars, major night clubs, to your craft bars and high end mixology establishments. He was involved in flair bartending for over 10 years. These have led to Phil being featured in multiple conference engagements such as Nightclub Bar Show, Vibe Conference, The Flavor Experience, and Tales of the Cocktail.  Phil has been featured in multiple media outlets and talk shows/morning shows across the U.S. creating cocktails. Also currently one of the Bar Experts/Mixologist on the highly rated TV Show Bar Rescue being utilized to deliver revenue generating cocktail programs for failing establishments.