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Alexia Grant

Alexia Grant

Executive Performance Chef, Dallas Mavericks

Chef Lex Grant brings her warmth and creativity to the kitchen, preparing nutritious meals that not only nourish the body and soul, but also bring joy and togetherness. Through her culinary expertise, she strives to create memorable dining experiences that celebrate the importance of family, connection, and the art of savoring every bite.

As a high performance-focused specialist, Lex constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance the experience of eating. Her knowledge in utilizing ingredients and techniques elevates the flavors of her dishes, which are inspired by her Euro- Caribbean heritage and world travels. Juggling her bustling career, motherhood, and dedication to her family, this Mom boss exemplifies the art of balance. She seamlessly integrates her professional and personal life, creating a harmonious environment that nurtures both her loved ones and her culinary aspirations. 

With an unwavering love for food, this chef's enthusiasm shines through in everything that her and the Dallas Mavs team prepares. She is constantly exploring new flavors, experimenting with distinctive combinations, and pushing the boundaries of culinary and sports artistry. Join her in the kitchen and experience the magic, where family, connection, and the power of culinary come together to create unforgettable moments.



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