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Anthony Ramirez ll

Anthony Ramirez ll

Co-Owner, The Bronx Beer Hall

Anthony Ramirez II is not just an entrepreneur; he's a dynamic force reshaping the narrative of The Bronx. As the co-founder of Mainland Media, @FromTheBronx, and The @BronxBeerHall, Anthony is on a mission to elevate The Bronx's image and showcase its vibrant culture and storied history to a global audience.

Collaborating with leading creatives in The Bronx, Anthony has pioneered original Bronx-themed merchandise, orchestrated community-focused events, and passionately promoted local businesses and socially responsible initiatives. His commitment to the borough's prosperity and identity has earned him recognition on influential platforms such as @NewYorkLiveTV, @NBCNewYork, @News12BX, @YESNetwork, @947TheBlock, and @EsquireEs, solidifying his role as a Bronx ambassador.

Anthony's accolades include the prestigious New York State Empire Senate Award 2023 and the esteemed @ComitéNoviembre's "Lo Mejor de Nuestra Comunidad" 2023 Award. His relentless dedication and impact make Anthony Ramirez II a driving force in propelling The Bronx from local gem to a worldwide cultural powerhouse. FROM THE BRONX TO THE WORLD!!



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