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Homan Taghdiri

Homan Taghdiri

Managing Partner, Invitus Hospitality

Homan is the founder of Invictus Hospitality and has been working in the hospitality industry since he was 14 years old. As a licensed attorney in California, Homan has specialized experience in real estate, business, and the hospitality industry.  While Homan is no longer actively practicing law, he uses his prior experience to consult full time with Invictus Hospitality and overseeing his other businesses. 

Homan has worked in almost every hospitality position imaginable, at a variety of venues.  From a mom-and-pop pizza parlour, to bakery, corporate run establishments, and family-owned restaurants, Homan has worked as a dishwasher, busser, cook, server, expeditor, host, assistant manager, and manager during the 13-years he worked in the industry prior to becoming an attorney.  Homan found great success in a formula which combined a focus on service and hospitality, while working towards educating guests, to provide memorable experiences.  Having worked at high-volume, seasonal, and tourist-based venues, Homan was able to fine-tune his experience not only with respect to the front of house hospitality aspects of the business, but also, every facet of back-of-house and back-end operations.  Homan was able to work on his leadership skills in building strong teams who were empowered to create enjoyable and memorable guest experiences, while raising profitability to the venue as a result of creating high yield food and beverage combinations and raising check averages. 



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