Taste NY & Craft Beverage Showcase

Taste NY & Craft Beverage Showcase

Experience all the bounty of nature from the farmers who bring it to life at Taste NY & Craft Beverage Showcase!

Taste of NYWe deliver your opportunity to preview exclusive products from New York farms and farmers. See and taste numerous samples of agricultural products from across the state that can add depth and intrigue to your menu, and positively affect your bottom line. Taste NY & Craft Beverage Showcase brings you face-to-face with family farmers and purveyors who have made New York State one of America's leading suppliers of food and agricultural products. You won't find resources like this, all under one roof, anywhere else in the region.  

New York growers and food manufacturers are proud to provide a rich and diverse array of quality products such as:

  • Locally grown produce
  • Yogurts and cheeses
  • Handcrafted spirits and whiskeys
  • Honey and maple syrup
  • Breads and bakery products
  • Wines and craft beers
  • Sausage
  • Ravioli and pasta
  • Waters and juice
  • Sorbettos and ice creams
  • ... and many more

2020 Taste NY & Craft Beverage Showcase Exhibitors

Booth #1180A
Brad's Organic, LLC

Allie's GF Goodies, LLC

Booth #1180H
The Subtle Tea Company

Booth #1280A
Tipsy Scoop LLC

Booth #1280F
Father Sam's Bakery

Booth #1280G
Saratoga Spring Water Company

Booth #1280H
Pure Catskills

Booth #1380F
Lilly's Bakery

Booth #1380G
Table 87 Frozen Pizza
Booth #1380H
Sail Away Coffee Co.

Booth #1480A
Hudson Valley Fisheries

Booth #1480G
Small Town Cultures

Booth #1480H
Sterling Valley Maple LLC