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Restaurant Events LLC

Restaurant Events, LLC:  Building Community Through Exceptional Events 

Restaurant Events LLC

Business is better when it's done face-to-face. 

Restaurant Events LLC is committed to creating unforgettable experiences that contribute to your success.  

We go out of our way to give every exhibitor and attendee our personal attention.  From the moment our doors open, until the last attendee leaves the show floor, we are with you every step of the way.  

About Restaurant Events, LLC 

Restaurant Events LLC is a leading producer of food and beverage trade shows and conferences across the United States.  Restaurant Events LLC is committed to bringing together innovative companies to facilitate the ordering and fulfillment of high-quality products and services that enhance the guest experience for those dining out in full-service, quick-service and fast food restaurants, as well as commercial and institutional foodservice operations.  Restaurant Events, LLC produces regional events in the top markets in the US, including: the New York Restaurant Show, the California Restaurant Show and the Florida Restaurant Show.  Collectively, Restaurant Events LLC events attract thousands of U.S. and International exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees every year.  


Glenn Celentano, Partner & CEO

Glenn Celentano

Doug Miller, Co-Founder

Doug Miller

Tim von Gal, Co-Founder 

Tim von Gal


New York Restaurant Show


NY Restaurant Show

California Restaurant Show 


CA Restaurant Show

Florida Restaurant Show 


Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

Our Core Values 


Do the right thing, every time. 


Own it all, the good and the bad.  We're only as strong as our word. 


We lead based on data and planning, and always through a lens of what's best for our customers. 


We put our best effort into everything we do.  If it doesn't meet our standards, it doesn't go out the door.


We exist in a tight knit community of businesses, the sum of which is greater than the parts.  Together we all succeed.  


We work to live, because life is too short not to have fun.  Our events are equal parts work and play.  


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Pizza Tomorrow Summit

Florida restaurant show

The Florida Restaurant Show

The New York Restaurant Show

The New York Restaurant Show

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California Restaurant Show

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